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They're all crazy.

Mom's been really weird this week. She's either crying or yelling at me for something I didn't even do. I can't do anything right, and when I do, she doesn't say, "Thank you, Ashley." She says, "You should have done this or that while you were at it." Then she says I never do anything for her, and that I don't appreciate the things she does for me. If she asks me to do something, I do it. It might take me a while, but I get it done eventually. And I do appreciate the things she does for me. And I reward her by not acting like an ass (in other words, by not acting like Patrick).

I do laundry, take out the trash, empty the diswasher, and fold clothes. I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing. It's more than some kids do for their parents. Most of the time, I feel like I am the parent.

I'm the only one in this house who isn't completely insane.
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